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"It's not that you don't have the answers. You are in the process of discovering all the questions." ~Jeff Brown

My Approach

What are some of the modalities I use?

Family:  Each family system is a sum of its parts. Parts play a significant role in the ways families relate to each other individually. Together, we'll take a look at how your Family Systems are working and explore the parts related to boundaries, self-understanding, communication, roles and behaviors. Keeping your therapeutic goals in mind, sessions will focus on understanding each other, integrating information and responses, and creating ways your family members can offer each other support and acceptance.

Child 7-12: Children coming to therapy will find a warm, welcoming room to explore and learn new skills and tools unique to their specific challenges. I use Attachment Theory, Gestalt, metaphor and story, Sand Play and Art Therapy as ways to express their inner world and perspectives they have developed. Together we will design a plan that is workable, playful and useful for you and your child to enjoy life together.

Teen:  Teens are as complex and mysterious as today's world, and they are deeply impacted by the environment and systems around them, including their relationships with family, school and peers. Using modalities designed to suit your teen's goals, we'll work together using things like DBT and CBT to calm anxiety, panic, fear, insomnia and issues of self-worth and identity. Mindfulness, learning skills for self-reflection and discovering healthy boundaries will also work to provide a foundational awareness of Self in relation to people, values, goals and independence.

Individuals: Because everybody comes to therapy for different reasons, my work is to be present with you to discover the approaches that would serve to enhance wellbeing and heal areas of concern. I use an eclectic mix of Internal Family Systems, CBT, somatic awareness and mindfulness practices. I can also offer practical guidance to begin building the life you are seeking.

How long is each therapy session?

A regular therapy session is 55-85 minutes.
The first session for individuals is 90 minutes.
The first session for families is 90-120 minutes.
We will determine what session length is a fit for you, but I find more progress can be made with a commitment to weekly, 85 minute sessions for a minimum of 8 weeks, provided you are doing your "work" between sessions.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yes, my sliding scale begins at $95 for a 55 minute session, and is income based.

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